Home Styling Trend Book – Spring

Swimy Doshi

In the second part of home styling trend book, we will be focusing on spring home styling & décor trends.

With spring just around the corner, Melbournians are finally getting their fair share of sunshine. As the cold winter is about to fade away, Its time to update your home styling & decor as well.

Throughout the winter months, our home becomes the hub of cosiness with a lot of woollen fabrics and textures. With the weather warming up, Its time to upgrade these colours & fabrics to the fit spring décor trends.

Some of the winter colours palates & decor elements can be easily transferred into the new season, while certain items will need to be replaced to match spring colours and textures.

Bright Colours

Spring is a time of renewal for nature as well. It’s a perfect time to put away those dark shades of brown, black & grey and replace them with refreshing tones of pastel & bright colours.

Our Favourite: Hues of Blue

Spring Colours

Pastels & Shades of Blue

The blue colour is an excellent transition colour from winter to summer because of its character. we use some of the shades for our winter décor as it resembles the snowy chilly mountains. The shades of blue are easily transferable to spring collection as those deep sea blues remind us of the ocean and the sky colours. Deep blue coloured cushions or a rug would brighten the space and make it ready for spring & summer.

Use of Flowers & Plants

Spring Flowers & Plants

Spring Flowers & Plants

Use flowers to brighten up the surfaces and the spaces. A small floral arrangement on a coffee table or in the corners would make a big difference in the final appearance. Also, It’s a great way to experiment with colours you wouldn’t put together normally. A few shades of green plants & bright flowers would take your entire space to whole another level.

Fabric & Textures

Spring Fabric & Texture

Spring Fabric & Texture

As we put away the heavy wool, faux or fur throws and dark knitted pillows you brought out for the winter, It’s time to replace them with light and bright colours that make the spring more fun.

Paint a room

Spring Room Paint

Spring Room Paint

If you are planning to watch Netflix in coming weekends, consider changing your plans to repaint your room. It can be an entirely new colour or just a change of shade into the current one. Believe me, It will refresh your mood as well as your home space. 😊

Final Touch- Update those accessories.

As winter turns into the spring, plan to replace those heavy wooden accessories with glass vases & lighter shades. It’s also a good idea to bring those cane baskets for storage and décor. Hanging baskets of flowers and other bright plants are a great way to improve the space appeal, while baskets of colourful hand towels are a lovely addition to any bathroom’s décor.


With Spring on the horizon, add some bold patterns & bright colours to inspire the home designs. Style Bites team can help with any of your home staging needs. Check out our work portfolio & contact us for any of your home staging needs.


Is Home Staging Worth It?

Stylebites Team

When you think of selling your house the first thought comes up is how long will it take to sell & am I going to get the best price? Home staging by professional stylists is the right answer to these questions. To sell your property quickly & get the best price it is important that you stage your home properly and professionally because the first impression is the last impression.

So, If you are in the process of placing your property on the market, here are the main reasons you should hire an Interior Stylist.

  • Create a great first impression

Buying a home is an emotional decision for many people, so if you can create a stunning impression in the first 30 seconds after someone walks through the door they are much more likely to be hooked. It’s a good idea to change the look of your property before your real estate agent organizes the marketing photographs. If your property is looking outstanding, it will directly help you with the asking price.

If your property is styled well, your agent will have the confidence to promote the sale at the maximum price. The photos will draw attention to interested buyers. The stunning styling will make them want to sign on the dotted line asap. If you are adamant about getting the best price, you should consider a property stylist.

First Impression

Great First Impression is Everything

  • Sell your property quickly at a great price

Survey says, 80% buyers, look the property online before they visit for inspection. The quality of images will determine the footfall in your open for inspections. If you want your property to stand out in the market, the photos got to make a visual impact on potential buyers.

Professionally styled properties spent 70% less time in the market. Agents say that buyers will overlook the flows of the property if they can feel the connection with it and feel like home.

Another US Survey confirms that Investment in professional property stylists will get you 7.5% to 15% more than the area price. The benefits are way more than the hiring cost of a property stylist.

  • Style & Organise in the best way possible

It’s very difficult for a homeowner to style their home in a way that doesn’t show off their own emotional blueprints. From family photos to travel souvenirs, your home reveals all kinds of things about your family and life. A potential buyer prefers to feel like it’s their home, not yours. Another point is, when a home is empty, it is a bit harder for someone to really imagine themselves living in the space. It’s important for buyers to see the home as a place they could immediately move into and begin enjoying.

A home stylist can declutter your space and style it to appeal to a wider demographic. They would do the market research beforehand and understand the targeted buyer’s requirements. A property stylist knows what buyers want. They are updated with the market and suburb requirements. Perhaps your property needs to appeal to young families due to a good school zone. Maybe young couples are your buyers due to great cafes and shopping centres around. A property stylist can make a difference while keeping the property’s ideal location in mind.

Style & Organise

Style & Organise

  • One of the best investment you’ll make

Property stylist doesn’t come free. But They can definitely attract a much higher offer with a beautifully styled home. It’s important that you understand that hiring a property stylist is an investment in your biggest asset. If the home sells for more than what price you reserved, the outcome will pay for itself.

Best Investment

Home Staging Gets You Best ROI

It’s all about creating an emotional connection. Once someone has fallen in love with space, it is much easier for them to commit to buying. Investing in professional styling increases your returns by ~10%. Selling a property without furniture in it can be hard. Property styling allows you to add warmth and character, The end goal of all the other benefits of property styling is to help you sell your home for a higher price than you would think.

In Summary, a real estate agent surely can make a difference but a very important part in the home selling process is a home stager. A well-known fact is an offer comes from a potential buyer when he/she can visualize themselves living in the home. That is why you need an Interior stylist who can turn your house in a home.

A stylist would walk into your property and plan it well to decorate it beautifully – this will lead to quick sell & higher than expected returns. Style Bites team can help with any of your home staging needs. Check out our work portfolio & contact us for any of your home staging needs.

Home Styling Trend Book

Swimy Doshi

Every Home has straight lines & square corners, what makes your home styling trendy is color & finishes of your decor as well as furniture. It ties your interiors together in a fashionable way. Thoughtful selection of colors, materials and layering can make your home warm & enticing. First up in the series in Winter Warmth.

Current Trend: “Winter Warmth”

What are your winter cozy color? Style Bites prefers shades of grey to make your home interiors warm. Adding a few shades of Navy blue, yellow, forest green or cocoon hues to interiors make it more livable through those chilly days.

Home Styling Mood Board - Winter Colors

Home Styling Mood Board Winter

  • Knockdown Black / Navy:
    Black and navy are both great for regulating light, which is the key to creating relaxed, cozy environments for rooms such as bedrooms & living/dining areas. Some would be of the opinion “Navy is the new black” because it pairs very well with new-age pastel colors.

Style Bites say: “Black is still the king at the moment but in a matt finish always.”


  • Go for Grey:
    Shades of grey – We would say it’s a go-to neutral color for any interior designer/stylist. Grey can pair well with warm whites’ wall colors and textures.  Combination of white with shades of grey creates sense of comfort and relaxation.


  • Blessing from nature:
    Colors we get from nature makes us calm and composed. Natural hues go very well with most other colors and they can create a sense of warmth when selected the right undertones.

Hope this home styling tips help make your winter mornings shine & chilly nights cozy.

Next Up: “Spring Pastels”

Keep an eye on this page for next trend info…

Home Staging Tips – Flowers

Payal Thakkar

First of many home staging tips that we want to focus on is – Using flowers to enhance your property appeal. Studies suggest that most of the buyers begin their home buying journey by checking the property pictures online before they plan to inspect it in person. We must go an extra mile when we think of selling our home and to do that, we need to get our home all dressed up for the photography that is attractive & makes a great “FIRST IMPRESSION”.

Correctly using flowers in your home staging can help with process greatly. So, how should we use flowers to add more emotional value to the property?.

Home Staging tips - using flowers

Decoration with flowers takes property photos to the next level. With Spring just around the corner, Bright flowers will make the property fresh and inviting.

There is no need to fill all the open space in your home. Sometimes small things can make a huge difference in your home. A few tulips in a small vase might look great next to your study table and go for bigger vases with taller flowers for dining tables and coffee tables.

Home Styling Tip: Don’t stress out and don’t spend a big amount of money, just keep it simple.

Regardless of what type of flowers you bring into your home, it is important that you use this extra life & colour to dress up your place to sell. Flowers help highlight all your home has to offer and will help bring those interested buyers, and hopefully seal a real deal!

The Pros and cons of artificial vs. real flowers will be covered in the next post. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for any home staging needs. Also, don’t forget to check out our work portfolio.

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